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Recipe Supplied by: MTA Wave Machine Cookbook
Serves: 0 People

Although the basic microwave oven produces a steamy form of cooking, it is possible to bake cakes, biscuits and cookies to perfection. The following recipe is delicious and makes a10- 12 wedges:

150g butter, softened
70g caster sugar - plus a little extra for sprinkling over
200g plain flour, sieved
35g semolina

1. Cut a piece of baking paper to fit the microwave turntable.
2. Place all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and combine together until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Knead into a soft dough.
3. Place the dough on the baking parchment, which has been set on the microwave turntable and shape dough into a 20cm circle.
4. Pinch around the edges of the circle, mark into 10-12 segments and prick all over with a fork.
5. Place tray into the microwave oven.
6. Microwave for 5 - 7 minutes, or until the shortbread is dry to the touch on the top, and just set in the centre. Leave to cool slightly on the turntable.
7. Remove carefully from the oven, dust with caster sugar and mark into sections. Cool completely before removing from the tray adn breaking sections into pieces.

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