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Whole Trout with Tangy Fruit Sauce

Recipe Supplied by: Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson
Serves: 4 People
Whole trout may be purchased ready prepared to save time, or for those who are reluctant to prepare the? fish themselves.
These oily fish are low in calories and fat, making them a great healthy choice too. In this recipe the fish are stuffed with a vegetable and couscous filling and served with a tangy rhubarb sauce that complements the richness of the fish perfectly.
Ingredients for the sauce
1 leek
?250 g fresh rhubarb?
150 ml vegetable stock? (may be made with a stock cube and boiling water)
3 tbsp clear honey?
Salt and ground black pepper
For the fish
100 g couscous?
4 trout each weighing approximately 400 g incl. heads,
50 ml hot fish stock? (can be made with a fish stock cube and boiling water)
3 spring onions, trimmed and roughly chopped
?1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed?
1?2 green pepper?, de-seeded and roughly chopped
50 g frozen corn kernels? (or drained, canned)
?Mint sprigs to garnish

Prepare the sauce: Wash and trim the leek and finely chop. Wash the rhubarb and trim away the ends. Cut the rhubarb into small chunks and put in a medium sized cooking bowl with the leek, stock and honey. Cover with a well fitting lid or cling film. Cook for 5 minutes on HIGH power, ensuring that the mixture comes to the boil. Stir well after 5 minutes, reduce the power to MEDIUM (50%) replace the cooking lid and continue cooking for 5 minutes until mixture is completely cooked and soft.
Meanwhile, soak the couscous in the fish stock for 5 minutes. Trim all the vegetables and mix into the couscous with the corn kernels. Season well.
Remove the head from the trout. Clean and gut the fish, washing well under cold running water. Pat dry with absorbent kitchen paper. Spoon the couscous mixture into the body of the trout as a stuffing.
Cook the fish 2 at a time, placing each fish top to tail, in a large shallow oven-proof dish or cook bag. Cover the dish with a well fitting lid or cling wrap or seal the cook bag well. Cook on HIGH power for 3 minutes, until completely cooked through. Allow to stand for 1 minute before removing the lid or opening the cook bag.
Keep the fish warm in a conventional oven whilst cooking the remaining trout. Transfer to warmed serving plates and serve with the tangy rhubarb sauce.
Tip: The fish may be prepared and stuffed in advance of cooking. Cover and refrigerate for up to 12 hours.

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