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The perfect Christmas Pudding

Recipe Supplied by: Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson
Serves: 4 People

This recipe makes a serving for 4 people. Double the recipe and cook 2 puddings in 2 separate bowls for more people, or half the recipe and cook in a small pudding basin for 6 minutes to serve 2 people.

50g butter
50g plain flour
1 teaspn mixed spice
75g fresh breadcrumbs (white or brown but brown is better)
100g soft dark sugar
150g sultanas
75g raisins
50g dates
50g cherries
125g currants
25g coarsely chopped lemon peel
2 eggs
2 tblspns black treacle
1 tblspn golden syrup
50ml orange juice or sherry


Sieve all the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Stir well to distribute spices. Stir in remaining ingredients remember to have a wish after the first stir!
Lightly grease a half litre (1 pint) pudding basin and fill with mixture.

Cover with loosely fitting cling wrap. Set in the centre of the microwave oven and cook on medium high (700 watts) for 10 minutes.
Leave to stand for 10 minutes after cooking. Sprinkle top with brandy, ignite and serve.

This pudding develops a lovely flavour on standing for a couple of weeks.
To heat on Christmas day, turn pudding out of basin and place on an ovenproof plate. Use the basin as a lid and heat through for 2 3 minutes on medium high power. Transfer to the table, pour over a little brandy, ignite and enjoy!

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